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I unfortunately cannot attend because I’ll be working heavily this weekend, but a condensed version of my multiracial documentary will be screened at the Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival on Friday in downtown Los Angeles. You can check out the festivities at or sign up and head there yourself if you’re in the area.

The focus will obviously be on the mixed race population, but depending on the turnout, I hope people are interested enough where they’ll watch the full-length version and maybe even watch my autism stories. Interestingly enough, one family of an autistic child I interviewed during the series has a multiracial background. Their kids are a little young to share their story for now, but perhaps fate set me up to mix the two communities together.

It will be hard to know how my documentary is received, but I hope people learn a thing or two about mixed race in Minnesota. I may live in flyover country, but we’re not immune to social issues often relegated to the big cities like Chicago and Los Angeles.


Written by TheSportsBrain

June 10, 2009 at 2:38 pm

Posted in documentary, mixed race

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